Racisms Still Alive. They Just Be Concealing It.

I was unaware of what went down in StarBucks and when I found out it was just another moment where I found myself disappointed to have to accept racism is prevalent in society. The two individuals escorted from the StarBucks were fortunate enough to just have the cops called on them for sitting there, which is a selling point of the company as it offers free wi-fi to its consumers. Regardless of if they are buying something or not. This situation is saddening and sickening because it’s another example of America in 2018. It brought back the devastating deaths of Stephon Clark, Tamir Rice, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Travon Martin, etc. to mind. These are all examples of one being judged based on the color of their skin. I was naive to the fact this was an issue still because I come from a family were a majority of our friends are colored. Then I thought about how the tragic school shooting in Florida had students featured on Time Magazine to spread the message they wanted to spread. And rightfully so. But how come a situation that’s just as tragic and serious as victimless individuals being shot dead, with almost as many cases as the individuals who died in the school shooting, hasn’t garnered enough attention to make it on the Time Magazine. I know it’s not everyone. But it’s more people then not I feel like. Which is ironic because a majority of everything popular these days was influenced by the culture of these individuals who are being judged based of something as stupid as their skin color. It’s as if society approves of everything that the culture brings except for the individuals themselves. It’s sad, it’s wrong, it’s pure evil, and the only way this world is going to become a better place is if people start loving one another instead of hating because of what one looks like. And that’s just real talk.

It’s just G. 

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