Ye Who Saved My Life pt. 2

“I don’t know what it is with females but I am not too good at that shit… see I can have me a good girl but still be addicted to them hood rats. And i just blame everything on you at least you know thats what I am good at.” Global superstar, Kanye West, is the most intriguing psychological case in the world due to the industry he works in. Kanye is mostly well-known for his “controversial” stunts. I quote the word controversial because one can argue his stunts are considered that due to the color of his skin. Whether it be his disorganized rants or the eclectic mix of celebrity pals, nemeses, and fans that he attracts, it seems as if he is also in the news. Could this be the media’s way of making it seem as if he is doing wrong? It’s 2018. I do not think it is absurd to state that the media clearly lies in favor of what it wants things to seem. It is honestly just sad. It seems to slip everyones mind that the media once proclaimed Kanye dead, after his car crash back in the early 2000s, when he clearly was still battling the biggest fight of his life. It was the battle of finding confidence in himself and in God. At his lowest moment, instead of choosing the “easy route” so to say, he conquered his demons and made himself into a damn good feel good story and role model.

It is sadly the moments in pop-culture that Kanye acts “different” or not the way the media illustrates Americans should act, that lives on in the minds of us. Moments such as storming out of the American Music Awards in 2004, thing is was he truly wrong for feeling as if he should have been voted Artist of the Year? The College Dropout was a masterpiece that influenced the genre of rap/hip-hop in a way no one could have foreseen. Yet, the only thing that seems to be remembered is him proclaiming that George Bush didn’t care about black people. Post-Hurricane Katrina. The media played to it exactly the way we just witnessed them destroy the career of Johnny Manziel. To an extent that was unnecessary. Is he wrong to have appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in a crown of thorns? It is beautifully illustrating the picture he is depicting right in front of our eyes. Also, I know I am not the only one who agrees with Kanye when he announced on live TV that Beyonce, not Taylor Swift (America’s sweetheart at the time), should have been the winner of the best female video. Or it could be his numerous references and comparison of himself to Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Jesus, etc. One way or another, America either loves him or hates him.

Despite all of the criticism, it is universally recognized the significant contributions to music and pop-culture he has had. It is the story behind the music that changed the genre of hip-hop. Kanye was a 20 year old college dropout who decided he wanted to pursue music. It was his pursuit of recognition as a rapper, mixed with his unique blend of being artistically brilliant and from the middle class, that what appealed like no other. He did not conform to the “gangsta image” or “thug life” that was prevalent and marketable back when he was getting denied by six labels to be an artist for them. Denied record deals due to his lack of conformation to the status quo of the genre of rap and/or hip-hop. I do not think it is far-fetched to say the media dislikes him because they can not make this colored individual not look like a genius. A trait that doesn’t really correlate with coloreds. It is unquestionable that he opened the door for numerous current influential artists, with drake becoming the prime example of his style. It was the idea of being a young black man who refused, despite an interest in hip-hop and rap, conform to the gangster rap image. As a while individual, I relate with that completely. I love rap and it’s storied history. Yet, I am afraid to illustrate those works of art due to the hate that will follow it. His success is due to his drive to stand apart from every other artist. His work ethic to continually re-invent/re-market himself. Something that we have seen with artist Drake, one who has not re-invented himself, become stagnant with. Kanye’s tactic to gaining fame and notoriety is a story of bash and worship of celebrity. He never shied away either from his thoughts and beliefs. What psychological term can be used to illustrate Kanye? How about the word human.

Kanye West is an example of what America should be in 2018. He is confident with his god given abilities and he isn’t afraid to let the world know it. If you have been as low as one can be, contemplating whether to live or die, one can respect the man behind the actions. I think he is mentally, at least, ten years ahead of America. He is an artistic genius. He has every right to not feel understood or appreciated with what he creates. Personally, as a fan, I appreciate it and understand it. It is his self-esteem that gives him his ability to influence and inspire young individuals like myself. Unsurprisingly, although more sad, pop-culture has pop psychologized Kanye West as being a narcissist, an egomaniac, and one who is suffering from either a god-complex or is delusional. He is none of those things. He was just a kid who had his heart broken and found his outlet to be producing music. It wasn’t his fault he was also gifted with a voice that America can’t not love. Racism is still alive, they just be concealing it.


Its just G.

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