It’s just G. Vol. 4

This is my testimony: when I went through my battle with the devil, I was also dealing with a drug addiction and a mental breakdown. I had just lost the girl of my dreams. I had previously just found out my mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer after my father previously just killed himself six months before. Two weeks after my father killed himself I was kicked out of living with my girlfriend at the time due to the fact she was cheating on me with her ex. This was the same girl who I idiotically dropped out of college for and all my friends for. I was 23 years old and completely broken and lost. I had my soul ripped out from me and that’s why I was the easiest target in the world for the Devil and his demons. Before studying the lyrics of the rappers I grew up idolizing I had already had my Adderall addiction. When the girl of my dreams decided she had enough of my bullshit and threw me out of her life for good that’s when it became more then an addiction but a crave. I started studying lyrics of the rappers I grew up idolizing. These rappers were Jay-Z, Drake, Lil Wayne, Kanye West, and Beyonce. I would take numerous Adderalls and stay up analyzing their lyrics and watching their videos looking for clues to the path to fame. All for a chance to get this girl back. I developed voices in my head after about eight months of doing this. That’s when I think the Devil came into me and it’s when the voices kept telling me to take more Adderall. The more I took the quicker I could realize my dream. These voices eventually decided they wanted to team up with me and started showing me the props they used in music videos and wore that would bring the masses towards serving the devil. It broke my heart finding out Drakes OVO Owl was one of the props. The videos were all by artists I mentioned earlier. The voices would tell me to press pause when it was a prop they would use. So I know understand and know what they do. When all of this was occurring the devil and the voices kept asking me if I wanted to sell my soul to join their secret cult and be a member at their table. I said yes. I said I would sell my soul for the chance of fame. That’s when I had the serpent tongue develop in my mouth. That is when I was being told by these voices to kill not only myself but also my mother and my sister. I was also told to kill my brothers. That everyone who joined the Illuminati had to lose a family member to join. At this time I had already pushed all my friends away and was contemplating killing myself. I had tried once with taking a bunch of pills but it didn’t work. I did not want to kill my family members but the voices told me I had no choice because I had agreed to sell my soul and they had already did their part of the agreement showing me everything. I am alive today and have God inside of me because one of the reasons why I didn’t kill myself is because I know how much guilt people who didn’t realize how low I was would feel. Or who never accepted my apologizes for mistakes would feel. Because I deal with that every single day. I am here on Earth because my father came back to me when I was at my lowest point and went and got God. My father told me how sorry he was for killing himself and the pain it made me feel inside. And if he could go back and change things he would. And that he went and got God to intervene with me selling my soul because I was the one person alive who truly needed God to save me at this moment and time. Because I did not know for a single second that my father was possibly going to kill himself and that if I did I would have tried and stopped him and been there everyday. I had to go through with the pain my father was in and understand why he did what he did and it has made me feel awful. I have felt like the biggest piece of shit because if I was able to leave someone at their lowest point in their life what does that say about myself. I didn’t speak to my dad for a year before he killed himself. God doesn’t come back down to Earth and speak to someone unless it’s for a specific purpose and I had a normal conversation with him for three days. He became my best friend. God is the reason why I was allowed to tell my father I missed him and was sorry and missed him. That’s when I cried and let out all of the pain that was inside me and that’s when God said he j do I was lying about just wanting a second chance to be able to make the wrong choices right in my life. I was put through seven days of hell on earth. I was put through seven days of brainwash by the devil and he tried tricking me into saying or something something that would have destroyed my soul forever and possibly my family. God told me that if I did not have a pure soul there is no way in a million years that my father would have been able to come speak to me at my lowest point right before I killed myself or my family members and for him to figure out that the voices in my head were demons and not those of the artists I idolized growing up. I am alive today because God knew my heart. He knew that I love people genuinely. And wholeheartedly. Love is the defining feature of God. God saved me from the devil to spread this message to the masses. We need to start spreading love to one another and not let technology destroy us. We need to start having some real conversations with one another before he comes back for judgement day because he is. God told me my biggest gift of all is being able to relate to everybody in this world because I don’t see race or color. All I see is their soul. That’s how America needs to start being. We need to stop glorifying drugs, sex, violence, etc. We need to be content with less. Be thankful for less. Some of y’all have to much to lose that’s why your not willing to lose nothing. Stop chasing your identity and the pleasures of this world because it’s going to ruin you. It almost did me. God knows your heart. And for most of you that’s a problem. 


Its just G.

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